As a member of the International Relations group at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (University of Oregon), Randall develops and presents a series of “country profiles” about Indo-Asia-Pacific history, peoples and cultures, economics, politics and issues affecting the global community. During 2014-15, his profiles of China, India, Indonesia and Singapore attracted enthusiastic audiences. Currently, Randall is updating his unit on “Conflicts in the South China Sea”, addressing competing territorial claims in the region, especially between China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Randall also continues to teach International Business for post-graduate students at California Lutheran University. More than a teacher, he sees himself as a mentor, a trusted counselor, advisor and supporter. He enjoys encouraging students and entrepreneurs of all ages to achieve their full potential, especially as they “go international.” To be effective in the mentoring role, Randall maintains key relationships with leaders in business, government, and civil society. He keeps abreast of advancements and trends in international management and global affairs, monitors evolving technologies for learning, and generally tries to model responsible earth citizenship.


From left: Dr. Udippi Gauthamadas (India), Dr. Valeria Makarova (Russia) and Dr. Randall Donohue (U.S.A.). This team developed and taught CLU’s first MBA course in “International Social Enterprise & Corporate Social Responsibility.”